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Our Story - Our Team

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Read below for our history and meet our lovely team

Faster Horse was founded in 2017 by Sharon Allbright, who has a legal PA/EA and paralegal background and absolutely understands how business works. Sharon has also worked with one of the larger agencies as a transcription project manager and quality controller and fully understands what you need from a transcription company.

Sharon also has two degrees - both for personal interest in the subjects: a BA in Film & Media after a lifelong love of the history of cinema. The second is a Master's in Archaeology. She was going to become an archaeologist after 'bottle digging' for Victorian bottles as a child but left it until she was a long way past childhood! But she now has that qualification under her belt. Her research was a class/status study using evidence of good and poor nutrition between 1770 and 1850 in London. Using human skeletal remains from six London cemeteries, Sharon studied how metabolic diseases affected the bones of their inhabitants.

Sharon is also a keen photographer and has recently taken up watercolour painting.  

Our team is made up of highly-trained and expert transcribers. We only work with the best because this is what we do: we are genuine experts in this field.


We all know each other and work well as a team. We chose to bring everyone together so that no one is left feeling lonely while they work remotely. We share wellbeing tips and coffee mornings, but mostly we all share the same goal: you - the client - get what you need.

You can see below in their bios a selection showing the range of subjects we've worked on - we can help with anything!

We often rely on a wider bank of transcribers - all vetted, monitored and managed in-house - all of whom are just as dedicated to your success as much as their own.

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Meet The Founding Team

Black and white photograph of Sharon Allbright, female, founder of the company.  Looking to her right. Has short hair and larger Marc Jacobs glasses.


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I have tons of experience, the majority of that in the legal sector. 

I started as an office junior, making the tea and opening the post.  Some argue I'm back there now - but this time, at least, it's for me!  It's all been a good experience because now I know everything I do inside out. FHT began in June 2017, and we haven't looked back. The team has recently expanded into two 'arms': one is a transcription approach, but we also have a legal typing support branch. In short, we can help anyone who needs us. I love being client-facing and the good relationships I have with our clients. You're all fab!

I live in Hampshire with two feline office assistants: Bruce, a 17-year-old and lovely cuddly fat orange boy, and Fred, an 11-year-old-should-know-better-by-now cat burglar who robs desk drawers of everything if left open.

Colour photograph of Elle, one of the founding team of Faster Horse. Smiling, and has one hand on her hair.  She's in a car, sitting behind the steering wheel.


A word from Elle:

"I'm just a girl with a penchant for tattoos, jellyfish and getting the job done. I like to spend some time with my head in the clouds - it's amazing what you can see from up there!

I have over a decade of administrative and PA experience. I'm the girl you need when you don't know where to start.

Mum to two lovely girls and a sausage dog called Albus George Dumbledog."

Colour photograph of Natalie, a founding member of Faster Horse.  Natalie has blond hair and is smiling while looking straight forward.  She's in an office setting.


A note from Natalie:

"A Faster Horse original who spends her days copywriting for an advertising group.

Natalie lives in Essex with her decrepit cat and a rescue hamster called Johnny Utah."

Colour photograph of Sharon, not the founder, but another member of the founding team.  Sharon is sitting in a restaurant, she's smiling, has short hair and wears glasses.


A note from Sharon:

"I've transcribed everything, from  Cage Rage fights to legal hearings, meetings of Greek shipping companies to Russian oil companies, medical research, time-coded TV programmes, prison phone recordings - you name it!  

I love what I do and I'm passionate about impressing clients."

Colour photograph of Debbie, a founding team member.  Debbie is looking straight to the camera.  She has long hair and is smiling.  Debbie is standing against a wooden background.


A word from Debbie: 

"I've been transcribing for 12 years and really enjoy it.

I feel a great sense of accomplishment on submitting the best possible transcript to a client. Plus, I've learned so much over the years about subjects as diverse as the history of ancient China to Scottish witchcraft to the science of midwifery. Every day there's something new to discover."

Cartoon horse who is dancing.  This is a holding picture.  We're just awaiting an image from Linda.


Linda is coming!

Until then, please enjoy this picture of a horse.

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