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Accessible Content

Having accessible content on your website, blog, video or app is not just about making it easier for those who are hard of hearing, seeing, or are less mobile to access what you do. It's about making it usable for as many people as possible. That's just good business sense.

Making sure your content is accessible is not as difficult as you might think. There are lots of ways we can help you with making sure you reach as wide an audience as possible.  

So how can a transcription company help me? 

Really quite easily. We have team members with limited abilities (one with mobility and one with sight. So we have a rich internal pool to draw from in understanding what the needs of those groups are on a website, social media page, video, or podcast. 

Others who might need to have a clear and accessible experience are :


  • Older people

  • People who are travelling and can't turn up the volume in the quiet carriage of the train

  • Those with injuries

  • The colour blind

  • This list goes on...

Having accessible content should be at the forefront of the content design process.

Now the tricky bit. 

Now you see why it's important, what should you do?

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