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Don't wait another minute!

Picture the scene: a busy meeting. Twelve people. The meeting Chair asks, “Right, so who’s taking the minutes?” We all know it will be the person who looks up first from their suddenly important notes/phone/shoes who gets the job. Their shoulders sink. And they sink for two reasons:

Firstly, they will not get as much out of or put much into the meeting.

And secondly, minute taking is not just about making notes; it can be quite tough.

There is more involved than just noting the topic discussion and who might be assigned an action. Meetings are where decisions are made through discussion, for a company overall or by members of a company with their client, the who, what, why, when and how. Minutes are also often a necessary administrative record of a meeting to showing that decisions are binding or should a company audit be carried out.

There are several reasons why we believe it is important to take minutes for meetings:

  • They keep everything above board

  • They reduce confusion

  • They provide structure/detail

  • They drive action

  • They measure progress

  • They keep company auditors happy

When meeting with a client, minutes (or longer form notes) are important to show:

  • Any background of what is needed, what the company will do for the client and when

  • How they are going to do it

  • Any reference to what the outcome might be (if it is something long term)

  • They serve as a reference for anyone who could not be at the meeting or is coming into the matter later

  • They also act as a reference should there be a disagreement down the road with the client who disputes an action was agreed

For Boards, Partners, and other senior decision-makers, where company structure, promotion, a merger, or another important topic, is discussed, a really accurate record needs to be kept ensuring everything is legitimately in place.

All of this is why we at FHT believe that it can be extremely beneficial to use an experienced external minute taking service.

Why are they better than using your PA? Well, you could of course take your PA away from keeping your office running smoothly, or you could give the task to Jones who might miss that one critical point that slips through. Or you can entrust the job to someone who does it for a living.

You need a good listener, someone who can pull the facts out of a confused and multi-speaker conversation or be confident enough to suggest to the Chair it would be helpful if they could bring the conversation back to the point. Sometimes the subject changes without warning, or one person might give a convoluted response, and only part of it should be recorded. They must be able to summarise what is said, and to recognise when one meeting point organically moves to the next, without notice.

At FHT this is what we do. We pride ourselves on producing top-quality work for our clients. We know what we need upfront from you to make sure we can work smoothly together, and to make sure that you will have your first draft minutes for approval by the Chair within a couple of hours of the meeting, and the completed minutes for circulation the same day, or if it's late, first thing the next day.

Why not visit our website for a bit more information, or to book a meeting with us to discuss your needs further. We are just waiting for your call!

We can be contacted at:

T: 01252 408789 or 07804 032965


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