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It takes a village

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

So everything I've read has told me I should include my personal story in my brand story, the origin of the company. It's not simple, but here goes:

In 2017 I was the victim of a cruel twist of fate! My body duffed me right in.

I signed a contract with my first client on 1 June 2017 and on that date registered with HMRC as being self-employed; my first day in business. Yay – champers all round!

But ... on 13 July 2017, six weeks later, I found myself in hospital after sciatica turned sinister and I couldn’t stand up. I was rushed from A&E by ambulance, blues and twos, to St. George’s Hospital, London, into their neurology department for emergency surgery on my spine. I woke up the next day with mixed feelings. I was so happy the sciatic pain had gone and I just wanted to sleep.

But I couldn’t feel my feet. The registrar stood me up and helped me balance, there was nothing. Like standing on balloons. “Walking” was a laugh, I lost more than one slipper. But I also had no feeling my legs. They worked, after a fashion, but really they’d gone. I had suffered what turned out to be permanent nerve damage in my lower spinal canal. I needed a stay in rehab to learn to walk properly (I never will is the short story), and how to properly use a wheelchair so that I don’t tip myself out into the road. Then I came home and to start again.

So that happened.

My first client stuck with me, and was followed by a few others. Commuting was off the cards now so I had to make FHT work.

And I did. I have a background as a legal PA, but after up-skilling, I now wear loads of hats: marketing, sales, R&D, HR, how to properly lead and manage a team, QC, client relationship, tea lady and cat-wrangler. And I love it.

I’ll never say, “I wouldn’t change a thing,” because I would. This wouldn’t have happened to me and I’d still be able to run, hike, jump in the car and drive off for the weekend. But it did happen, and I’ve made – and am making – something of it: not many people can actually say they’ve truly had the chance to start again.

About 90% of my life is different now. I’ve grown mentally, my knowledge has grown. I take care of myself. I have new hobbies – I’ve taken up painting, photography and making miniature art pieces. I’m about to take up bench shooting and archery.

As far as FHT goes, it’s going strong. We have a great core team, lovely clients – always with room for more – and we offer a truly holistic approach to how we work with you. I used my personal story to help build my company ethos. It took a lot of people a lot of time to help me get to where I am after injury: it was a well-oiled machine, working tirelessly to make sure that I will always get the best out of myself. I will be forever grateful to everyone involved.

My biggest takeaway was to make sure that I pay that forward. I will always work the same way, alongside clients, to make sure they get the most out of the services we offer. We are the team who will work with you to make sure you get the best out of your projects. Bring us your problem: we’ve got your solution.

I have a new life. And I'm making the most of it with a five-star company. How about you?

There’s been one mishap. My Costco membership card photo was taken while I was in my chair and the light is on the top of my head, so the middle of my head looks bald. I actually look like Andy from Little Britain. I love it; it’s hilarious and I’m never changing it.


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