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The Friday Frenzy

A tongue-in-cheek look at our busiest day of the week...*

Friday afternoon – a time when the workweek's grip begins to loosen, and the promise of the weekend’s freedom is in the air. It's a moment when productivity dances a delicate waltz with procrastination. And amid this wacky ballet, Fate has other plans for our weekend with a flurry of unexpected orders for our services. I’ve brought this on myself with my constant reminders about Busy July in academia, but still. And it happens every year at this time, and I'm ready. But it's 25 degrees out there, and... Pimms!

I was sitting at my desk, lazily doodling on my to-do list, and contemplating whether Fred, one of the feline assistants, could be trained to fetch coffee, when a sudden flurry of email notification pings jolted me back to reality with new order notifications. “Challenge accepted!” I say out loud, as I get the team ready for another busy week ahead. The number of emails looks like a lot of jostling for work to be done from our clients; like they’re all going for the last few sweets out of the pinata! Be assured, our "slots" are almost endless. We can help you all.

As I wade deeper into the order details, a wave of delight washes over me: a mind-boggling array of customisations, tight deadlines, some orders with vague instructions, leaving us to play a little game of mind reading; others have unique requests that require a level of creativity previously reserved for avant-garde artists. No problem, we’ve got this. Friday-schmiday, s'what we say at FHT! We're hard. We do this every week.

Our team has a strong sense of camaraderie; once locked in their afternoon daydreams, they're now joined and bonding over the usual timing of it all, sharing the comedy of our Friday escapades, which have become a delightful circus act, where the juggling of orders and the balancing act of bespoke requests have become our performance du jour, as orders tumble one after the other from the tiny clown car.

So as we start to bid adieu to another Friday, embrace it with open arms and a sense of humour. For in the end, for our team and no doubt yours, it's these moments of unexpected chaos that make the workweek worthwhile. Raise your coffee mugs to the fun of it all, knowing that no matter the absurdity, we all have the power to laugh, dance, and deliver exceptional service with a smile. So bring on 4:00 pm. We're waiting.

Cheers to the Friday frenzy, friends. May your afternoons be filled with laughter, your orders be sprinkled with comedic twists, and your weekend adventures be epic in their own right.

*We would like to point out that we love all our clients equally and dearly and this is in no way meant to deter you from submitting orders! On the contrary. We challenge you to keep them coming.


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