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The Reality of Audio Transcription: and why it’s important

Put far too simply, audio transcription is where we listen and transform your words into text. I say “too simply” because there is so much more involved than just listening and typing. For a start you must be able to do both at the same time otherwise you are there for hours longer than you need to be. Really. Even if your secretary can do audio typing, one hour of a three-way conference call might take them two days to transcribe. That is not a particularly effective use of an otherwise excellent in-house resource.

There are also lots of distinct types of transcription: medical, legal, research, interviews, and court reporting. And the subjects! Academia, retail, insurance, law, medicine, pharmaceutical, to name a few. Then there are the ways audios are recorded: On phones, Dictaphones, tape (yes, still), recorded video calls, conference calls with a small Dictaphone next to the phone. We get them all.

Then there is the venue: a lovely quiet office, one speaker (everyone’s favourite). But also in the conference room, the conference hall (either professional recordings or someone on their laptop sitting near a squeaky door at the very back). Interviews with one respondent or many; or focus groups where everyone talks at once. The surreptitious recording where one side is trying to trip up another in a legal matter! The outdoor recording in the wind, or inside a restaurant or every transcriber’s biggest fear: the coffee shop! With chairs scraping, the coffee machine grinding, whirring, and whooshing away, people close by, talking, laughing, shouting, kids playing/fighting/crying, cups on saucers... You get the picture.

We have heard it all and have done it all.

But despite the tongue-in-cheek approach to what it CAN be, we absolutely know that this is your work, your research, your interview, and it is important to your project. It is not just a written version of an audio recording; it is an accurate record of what was said so that you can get your facts right. We take enormous pride in making sure our clients get a great transcript the first time.

In an increasing fast-moving world, more companies are using professional transcription companies to produce records of their recorded meetings and other events.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to use a human team to transcribe your audio files. AI is great (and can chat with us and write romance novels now) but check out our transcription page to see why speech-to-text – and other AI – is not always a great option. We listen, insert names or anonymise or de-identify speakers, can insert tone, non-verbal utterances, and other elements you might need. Then we proofread it thoroughly before it is returned to you.

So, now you know we have you covered, we’re ready, waiting, and willing to go over and above to help your teams to do their best work, why not check our website and contact us to find out more about our services? We do more than you might think!

How we can be contacted:

T: 1252 408789 OR 07804 032965

Call for a chat!

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