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Welcome to Your Firm's Outsourced Typing Pool

Your fast, accurate and professional typing team making sure you get the best from your in-house support.

The best reasons for outsourcing to us:

  • We offer flexibility, experience and we're committed to your company values

  • Increased productivity with an agile, adaptable and scalable team

  • Your company saves on recruitment, training and onboarding costs

And the best reason:

There is no hourly rate. You ONLY pay for the minutes and seconds we transcribe for you.

Like that idea? 

Read on to find out more!

Why outsource at all?

Outsourcing the bulk of your secretarial team's typing is the perfect solution for any busy organisation. The support we offer allows teams to focus on core, business-critical work. 

We fully understand how law firms work: from 'beauty parading' for new clients through to file closing, from file notes to financial matters, and everything in between. And most importantly, we know how your secretarial team works (in practice and theory!)

Everyone wants value for money in the current global financial climate, coming fast on the heels of a worldwide pandemic. And that's where outsourcing comes in. We're not just there to save your secretaries' time; we're here to save your firm money!

So, why Faster Horse?

We're out here breaking some relatively new ground - the same one you're breaking. We're moving forward, embracing the post-pandemic changes and hybrid working environment, embracing AI and all it offers for our sectors. We're here to make your teams' transition to this new world more accessible.


Our experience has been that firms are hiring fewer secretaries, and they will likely be more senior secretaries who know their stuff. This means fee earners are spread more thinly across that smaller secretarial team.

No one likes this idea. Your fee earners might squabble over who gets their work done first; your secretaries might have one eye on the job market in case that elusive 1:3 role pops up with less typing and more PA work involved. There's every chance that neither group will be working with both feet inside your door

Having us as your typing pool will mean that your managers are managing, your PAs are happier with their lot, and both can focus on what you hired them to do: make a profit for your firm.

We offer a simple and effective way for you to save costs, time and staff:

There are great reasons for outsourcing to us:

  • Time savings and higher productivity

  • Cost savings on support staff:

    • No recruitment costs​

    • No NI or pension contributions

    • No added insurance costs

    • No extra capital expenditure (desk, computer, software, teabags)

    • No annual salary or bonuses

    • No minimum hours contract from temp agencies

    • No training costs or time

    • No holiday/sick/maternity/other time covering costs

Click here to find out more about the benefits and how we work with you to achieve your goals.

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