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Minute Taking

Having a virtual minute taker at your meeting is an invaluable method for making sure everything you need is captured.

An external minute taker is impartial, and discreet, and can attend meetings where you may not want other staff to know what was discussed, such as Board or Partners' meetings or HR meetings such as pre-screening interviews, interviews, disciplinary meetings/hearings, and appeals and outcomes. 

Why use this service?

We do offer a lower-cost alternative where you simply order a transcript of your meeting.  Why would you pay more for this service if it is more costly to have a virtual minute-taker in your meeting? Well, there are definite advantages:

Very busy meeting.png

We fully understand the need for accurate recording of meetings and that minutes are needed quickly for circulation to those attending.

We're only listening for topics of discussion, action points, and outcomes so using an external minute taker who isn't part of the discussion makes absolute sense.

  • Your first draft minutes will be ready for your review within two hours of your meeting ending. 

  • We record the meeting for you and use the audio to produce comprehensive minutes, in a minutes format (see below), delivered on the same day as the meeting.

  • There is less preparation at your end.  If you just want a transcript of the meeting, we might need a list of names, and topics discussed if technical.

  • Our minute-takers are skilled at listening and will ensure no action point is missed.

We offer two styles for producing formal minutes:


  • Our Basic template will record all the necessary information but will provide high-level coverage of the topics and action points.


  • Our Advanced template will record the minutes with much more comprehensive coverage of the meeting.

Examples of our Minutes Templates can be found here.

You know the drill by now - any questions:

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