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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's get the cash out of the way: what does it cost?

When will you invoice me? We typically invoice at month end, but are happy to invoice at project return if that works better for you.

What your turnaround times? Our turnaround times can be found on our rates page..

How can I pay? We accept payment via BACS/bank transfer and PayPal. Our bank account and PayPal details are on your invoice.

What services do you offer? All of our services, turnaround times and rates can be found here..

Can we sign a NDA? Always. We have one and our whole team has signed service level agreements incorporating NDAs, but if you'd rather anyone covering your work signs yours, we're happy to do that.

Are you real people? We get asked this a lot. Yes we are people, not horses. Horses can't type (hooves) and they have long faces, so we don't want them around! Have a look at our About Us page and you'll see photos and a short piece from our Founding Team members who make sure everything runs smoothly, and everyone works hard, going over and above for you, the ones who matter to us most. You can trust us.

How does it work?

What audio files can you accept? We accept just about any file format. We love a good challenge and it's rare we don't rise to it! We take all the 'usual suspects': mp3/4, wma, wmv, DS2/DSS etc, most movie formats and most dictaphone formats. Between us we have several different dictation software packages, conversion packages, audio manipulation software and even different foot pedals (some have both the 'generic' pedal and Philips pedal for that software!) We've probably got you covered.

Can't upload your audio? If you can't upload your files - we can accept up to 15mb - you can upload them from a secure platform of your choice and then send that link in the URL box. If you're sending a link, please make sure you've given us editor level access to it so that we can open and use the audio. You can also use the same link to let us have any documents with keywords, names etc. If you wanted to.

What capacity can you support? We have a two-tier system running. I will always ask the Founding Team first as they've really pulled out all the stops to clear huge projects (two of our team cleared 20 hours in 5 days working together - that's 4 hours a day between them, which is great). But we also have a reserve team on standby, waiting for the call. We have generalist transcribers but also specialist legal secretaries and (how lucky are you?) excellent minute takers and project support. Don't by shy. If you have a large project and aren't quite sure, contact Sharon, and she'll talk through your needs with you.

Can you anonymise or deidentify my transcript? Yes, we can. And at no extra cost to you. Just ask. We're used to doing this, and we absolutely know the difference between the two and what they're best used for. If you're not sure which you might need, just ask.

Do you use speech to text to transcribe? No. Never. And we can tell if someone does use it too! We DO clean up these documents though. So if your STT document didn't quite turn out the way you wanted it to and you have no time (or patience) to amend it, send it to us, with the audio if you have it, and we'll fix it for you.

What policies do you have in place?

Can I ask for more information? Always. You can phone us, use the contact form below or email us. All of those details are at the bottom of the page. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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