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Our transcription service is completely outsourced - an efficient and cost-saving move for all of our clients.  One page or one hundred, we give every client the same first-class treatment.

We offer a variety of services under this heading -  keep reading!

Our clients include law firms, academia, researchers of all kinds, the medical and pharma sector, insurers and ... everyone else!  Below are examples of work we've done in different sectors.

Copy Typing

We also offer copy-typing under our transcription umbrella. 

We have some really enthusiastic copy-typists who relish the challenge it can bring.

Using our copy-typing service removes the need to dictate your manuscript.  We can type notes, documents, amend your documents and more.  We'll type it and send back a crisp, clean document.

Send us a link to your scanned documents on our Order page and we'll take it from there.

Just asking? Either call or use our contacts box below to send us any questions.

Why do this?

Because even though it feels cool to dictate your meeting notes into your phone on the way back to the office, it's not so great when you read it back and can't make head nor tail of it!

STT is great, no doubt, and it is improving, but it doesn't know how to spell names or hear emotions or tones (see above). Currently, STT has between 73-84% accuracy.* That's a 16-27% risk of error - so, easy maths: that works out to between 16 and 27 errors per 100 words. 


That's not good enough for FHT and that's why we offer a 99% accuracy rate. That's one error (at most) in 100 words for clear audio.

Tidying Up

No, sorry, we don't do your housework. But we can tidy up your speech-to-text documents (STT).  We love tech and we use loads of it, but STT has its pitfalls. It usually goes wrong when:

  • You're outside or in a noisy place

  • You have multiple speakers or people talking across each other or they have strong accents

  • You need clean "strict" verbatim (all the ums and ahs), or to show emotion, tone, and non-verbal utterances

  • You need it recognise action items

Some examples of work we've transcribed:


  • For Academics and students 

  • Research and findings

  • Lectures/notes 

  • Conferences/presentations

Private Firms/Legal/Medical/Pharma:

  • Correspondence

  • Documents/presentations

  • Reports

  • Hearings of all kinds

  • Research/notes/findings


  • Interviews

  • Podcasts

  • Journalism pieces

  • Videos

  • Draft chapters/ whole books

  • Proofreading & editing

Private Firms/Legal/Medical/Pharma:

  • Correspondence

  • Documents/presentations

  • Reports

  • Hearings of all kinds

  • Research/notes/findings

So trust us with your transcription, copy-typing, and STT documents.  All we need is an audio file (and the STT document) and we can take care of them quickly. 

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