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What's New and Exciting

We're always reaching out, wanting to find new and exciting ways to help our clients - shout.  We always listen to our clients.

If we haven't listed it - it doesn't mean we can't do it!


Below are some ways we're expanding - we'll let everyone know when we launch each new service!

Open and Closed Captions

Do you have any website videos, adverts, YouTube or other social media videos, or anything else that needs open or closed captions to make sure your content is both SEO-ready and accessible?

We can do this for you now but on a smaller scale. We're looking to expand our team.  If you'd like to know more - just ask us!

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Book a meeting

Yes, we should! We have had some clients who operate in the UK but have international offices who have asked if we have any transcribers in other countries. The answer is yes, we do if we need them! 

We're currently putting the feelers out and finding that this might an avenue we'll walk down sooner rather than later. 

If you'd like to know more, please just ask us.

Should we go International?

We're doing a bit of training to offer live note-taking for those who might need it for any reason - academia, conferences, etc. This is different from minute-taking and is largely used by the hard of hearing or seeing, or non-English as first language speakers.

As soon as we're qualified (we want to get it right), we'll add this to our list of services!

Live Note Taking

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